Your Business: Plan for the Unexpected in 2023

Amid uncertainty, use strategies to help prep your business for whatever comes next year. First, assess this year to see what worked well and what didn’t.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Agents who persevere in the coming year will be those who have taken steps to prepare amid the uncertainty. The first step is to set realistic, clearly defined goals based on an in-depth assessment of the previous year.

Questions to ask include: What beneficial skills did I develop? Where did I find the most beneficial networking prospects? Were there any missed opportunities I could have handled differently?

Next, agents need to make an effort to develop personal connections, including those with clients, vendors, and colleagues.

Eric Thompson, founder and CEO of The Leading Edge Academy, suggests, “Plan an event to support a charitable organization you love or throw a party with Instagram-friendly backdrops. The most connected agents are the ones who stay true to their personality.”

Other strategies for making connections include sending handwritten notes to past clients, leads, and leading members of the agent’s sphere of influence.

Next, agents need to work their database by communicating with clients or key referral friends via snail mail, emails and texts, as well as in-person meet-ups such as catching up over coffee or hosting a luncheon event.

Thompson says it is also essential for agents to establish themselves as knowledgeable and credible, especially regarding pricing, inventory and days on market.

Another crucial step for agents is to identify their purpose and adjust their mindset to gain business.

In addition, every quarter, agents should reevaluate their approach and adjust for actual market conditions.

Source: Inman (12/07/22) Danley, Walt

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