Win a Prospect In Just 10 Seconds?

Have a script memorized but be flexible based on the circumstances. And push for more than 10 seconds by wrapping it up with an open-ended question.

NEW YORK – When scripts are well-written, adequately practiced and delivered successfully, they can have a significant impact on your business.

Scripts must be flexible, however, based on factors like circumstances, who you’re talking with, and market conditions. This means scripts must target the desired demographic. In a perfect delivery, they’ll address the needs and problems of the target audience, focus on the specific demographic being addressed, point to a solution and desired outcome, and end with a request for engagement.

The more you can dial in scripts to your audience, the more effective they’ll be.

The Davis Team’s Valencia Brown and Jordan Davis identified five distinct components to an effective script: the opener, motivation, rapport, objections and commitment. They say agents need to start with a single opening line that addresses the perceived need of the person they’re talking to, then ask open-ended questions to determine their current motivation.

To build rapport, ask open-ended questions about the potential client’s previous experiences to quickly build a relationship.

If you get any objections, ask questions to identify problems and help resolve them.

Finally, make a statement about how you can help and ask for their commitment.

Source: Inman (10/26/22) Medford, Carl

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