Want to Thrive on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube? 7 Tips

An Arizona agent with 427K TikTok followers says a lot of her leads come from parents who say their child saw one of her educational posts and told them about it.

SAN FRANCISCO – Arizona-based broker Allison Glutz has over 427,000 followers and 3.9 million “likes” on TikTok. She recently shared her tips for success on the platform.

Glutz says agents should consider the parents of their audience because younger people often see the content first and tell their parents about it. She says she constantly has parents contacting her because their school-age children watched one of her TikTok videos about improving their credit.

Glutz says one of the best ways to gain viewers on TikTok is to entertain and educate. She uses text boxes and bubbles to share content rather than using words in the audio feed, since many of the videos are viewed without sound.

In her descriptions, Glutz often provides additional resources for the viewer. She also uses several hashtags for each video to make it searchable and easy to link to additional videos on the site that focus on the same topic.

Glutz also uses trending audio snippets on the platform, looking for videos that can tie in with the topic she is covering.

As with any social media platform, posting consistently is the name of the game. Those who succeed using short-form video also recommend posting multiple times per day.

Source: Inman (02/24/21)

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