Top Downside to AI Chat Tech? Learning to Use It

Microsoft’s Bing AI ChatGPT is similar to a virtual assistant you don’t have to pay. It can have human-like talks with clients and keep an agent organized.

NEW YORK – A major feature of Microsoft’s Bing artificial intelligence (AI) ChatGPT? It allows users to have human-like conversations that includes commands and questions. As a result, real estate professionals can use Bing AI ChatGPT to develop chatbots, virtual assistants and beneficial programs.

It can also help agents complete key tasks more rapidly, including finding and talking to buyers and sellers, setting up meetings and sending bulk emails. With an AI “assistant” handling the routine work, agents can focus more closely on other business aspects, such as closing deals.

ChatGPT technology can also help agents write persuasive listing descriptions – and it can do it faster than a real person. It can even independently select the ideal parts of the property to make stand out.

When writing cold emails, ChatGPT can create custom messages for automated emails that match specific business targets, such as developing new leads. ChatGPT can also assist agents with automating customized phone sales scripts.

In addition, AI technology can examine customer feedback to identify what customers want, as well as recommend social media content topics that would interest an agent’s target audience.

ChatGPT also helps answer the question “Are my marketing efforts paying off?” It can provide reports that show how well SEO (search engine optimization) efforts are doing and suggest ways to improve them.

An important note about ChatGPT, though: It will occasionally overlook subtle points, and it takes time to learn how to successfully use the platform. However, take the time to set it up now will save future work time and money.

Source: Realty Biz News (03/20/2023) Cioppa, Cali

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