Study: Fla. No. 2 in U.S. for HOA Complaints

Fla. law allows HOAs to levy fines and liens, leading in part to the number of complaints. But with Calif. No. 1, complaint numbers are also a result of population.

NEW YORK – According to Florida-based real estate attorney Mitchell Nowack, Florida law allows homeowner and condo associations (HOAs) to levy fines and liens on property, particularly over issues regarding home repairs. While HOAs’ primary goal is to maintain property values, they can also be a source of stress for property owners.

“Their job is to have conformity,” Nowack says. “Their job is to make sure that you preserve your neighbors’ home value by not destroying and putting stuff all over your lot that can take away from the value of property, which is what they’re trying to control.”

Cinch Home Services, an online home warranty company, ranked Florida as No. 2 in the nation for the most HOA complaints. California ranked No. 1 and, after Florida, the top five states include Texas, North Carolina and Washington, making “number of complaints” also a result of states having larger populations.

The most common HOA citations, according to the group’s study, are over parking, lawn care and home repairs.

Nowack advises property owners facing HOA problems to try to work out a solution the first time an issued is raised in order to avoid costly disputes and fines.

Source: WPTV 5 (Fla.) (12/05/22) Sczesny, Matt

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