Streamlining Tasks: Which AI Is Right for You?

Wish you could tell an AI tool to independently handle meeting requests, track conversion rates, send emails and schedule your social media posts? Well, you can.

NEW YORK – Real estate professionals using artificial intelligence (AI) calendar tools enjoy some special benefits.

An AI-scheduling tool called Clockwise offers a free version, while paid plans start at $6.75 per user per month. Clockwise lets users input their “ideal day,” which serves as a basis for scheduling such things as focused work time, muting notifications and lunch breaks.

When synced with Slack, Clockwise links the entire team’s calendars and will find appropriate meeting time slots. It’s also possible to reserve certain days for no scheduled meetings.

An analytics tab enables users to see how many meeting conflicts have been resolved and how many schedules the tool helped with.

Another AI-scheduling tool called Reclaim prioritizes recurring events, both work-related and personal. These include events such as one-on-one meetings, gym sessions, team calls and picking up the kids from school.

On the platform’s primary screen, users set working hours, identify high and low-priority routines, and tell the AI program how much leeway it has for scheduling. Users can also empower the tool to proactively change meetings, set focus times and issue reminders of upcoming deadlines.

Finally, an AI scheduling assistant called Kronologic is useful for following up with leads and tending to clients. The tool can manage high-density scheduling, while its language recognition tools can handle communication if users don’t want to get involved.

The app also tracks lead conversion rates in real-time and can sync an entire team’s calendars, in addition to those of clients and leads. Kronologic can also send emails, schedule social media posts and analyze outreach efforts.

Source: RealTrends (05/22/23) Lee, Audrey

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