Starting Social Media Marketing? Baby Steps

Start simple – maybe two social media channels – track effectiveness and then add a few more. It takes time to hone skills and figure out which ones work best.

NEW YORK – Most consumers – both buyers and sellers – start searching for real estate deals online but then shift to social media, in particular when consumers want to select an agent.

Agents starting out on social media should initially work on a few platforms and become skilled before branching out further. For example, they can start out on Instagram and Facebook to see how those platforms perform. Next, they can add LinkedIn and eventually Twitter and Pinterest before finally progressing to a blog or YouTube page.

If maintaining multiple platforms, it’s essential to curate content for the type of audience that subscribes to each, since each media channel appeals to different types of people.

Agents should also include three-to-five hashtags in posts. It makes the content more discoverable if a buyer or seller is seeking a specific topic, and hashtags allow similar content to become part of a larger discussion.

Agents who use content scheduling tools should ensure they interact in real-time with the people commenting on their posts. Those who post less frequently should periodically refresh older references and hashtags and adjust SEO (search engine optimization).

If agents post content frequently, such as once a day or every other day, they need to refresh less frequently because their content will have moved down the page, and the audience is less likely to scroll down so far. And if they do, they will understand that what they are looking at is older content.

Source: Inman (11/02/22) Stace, Laura

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