Scared to Create Video Marketing? Don’t Be

You don’t need a famous director, camera crew or movie star to create a strong marketing video. Many successful ones are shot with only a cellphone.

NEW YORK – Once upon a time, real estate professionals had to learn high-end software and tools to publish solid video content or hire a private vendor to do it for them.

No more. Today, the most successful videos are shot with a cellphone and posted on social media, like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Videos don’t have to be directed by Stephen Spielberg to succeed in real estate sales, but agents should still consider using some applications that can make their videos look more professional.

Vuse offers a range of templates arranged by categories: Personal Promotion, Buyer Preview, Property Spotlight and Direct Communications. Users can assemble video projects from their existing device library or create new material using Vuse’s in-screen tips and creation advice.

BigVu, on the other hand, offers direct-to-social video posting, deep content analytics, and a number of tools to make videos easy to produce and edit. The interface, editing tools and flexibility offer help to a range of user levels. It has a low learning curve, and a few new tricks for expert marketers to add to their outreach mix.

Meanwhile, Playhouse is similar to other social video apps but specifically designed for real estate. Agents can post individual branding content, build profile libraries and share anything that might help bind consumers to their brand.

Other options include Yaza, a video-based home tour tool; iMovie, which allows for advanced options such as captions, fonts and music; and Splice from Vimeo, which offers image effects and editing tools, like a simple tap-to-choose transition editor and built-in project size formats, and options for SnapChat. There also all-inclusive solutions for agents who want supporting content for their tours, such as still photos, multiple tour types, floor plans and video listing pages.

Source: Inman (09/23/22) Rowe, Craig C.

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