Rainy Days Best for Home Showings?

A house can feel more like a home when it’s raining outside, but it’s also the best time to check for roof leaks, note outside drainage issues and detect any odor from mold.

CHICAGO – Prospective buyers may want to cancel a home tour if the weather is bad, but real estate professionals say those rainy days are actually optimal for showing homes.

Gail Hardy, a real estate professional in Knoxville, says a rainy day lets potential homebuyers look for external water-related issues by noting how water moves around a house. In a TikTok video, she shows a pool of water building up next to a home’s foundation and even suggests a cause, saying a gutter filled with rocks likely prevents water from draining away from the house.

If a problem is discovered, a home inspector should examine the structure for grading or potential water issues.

Would-be buyers may also spot any possible water-related issues inside the house. Craig McCullough, a real estate professional in Washington, D.C., told Apartment Therapy: “Leaks in a ceiling, moisture in a basement and mildew smells are heightened on a rainy day. If these are new leaks, they may not have developed water stains or dissolved drywall yet.”

Source: Realtor Magazine (05/04/22)

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