Must-Haves for a Listing Presentation

It’s not enough to suggest a price, for example – agents also need to explain to sellers why their analysis found that price point to be most effective.

NEW YORK – To increase their chances of getting a listing, agents need to include certain details in their listing presentations.

For one, they need to have a clear and concise rationale for their pricing approach. It should address things such as market dynamics, real estate practices and timing considerations. Without that explanation, agents are essentially asking potential clients to just trust them, but customers are more likely to trust an agent if they understand why they made certain recommendations.

Also important: Highlight the company’s value. Some people may be looking for a recognizable brand; others might prefer a local, independent firm. In either case, agents need to evaluate what the prospective client wants and explain how their company or brand fulfills that need.

An intangible element is also important: Empathy. This could involve showing that they’re emotionally invested in the success of the transaction, and that they’re enthusiastic about the real estate business in general.

Finally, agents should offer something physical to show or leave with the customer – a physical reminder to make the agent unforgettable – such as something to take notes with or a print-out of recent listings.

Source: RISMedia (07/30/23) Williams, Jesse

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