Maximize Website Leads: Give ‘Em What They Want

An Orlando team leader uses professional RE writers for his website and offers expansive content – blogs plus articles that complement his listings.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Ken Pozek – an Orlando broker associate and team leader with Keller Williams’ Pozek Group – predicted in March that his team sales would soon exceed $100 million.

Pozek credits his website for many of the sales. To make his website more attractive, Pozek turned to a trio of copywriters at Real Estate Webmasters, and they provide up-to-date content, such as blogs and articles that complement listings.

The company also provides pay-per-click advertising, SEO (search engine optimization), and stickiness (ways to make people stay on the site) to boost the number of website visits, according to Pozek.

“We’re seeing ‘time on page’ increasing from about 15 seconds (with a previous vendor) to over two minutes,” says Pozek. “I don’t spend two minutes doing anything online, so if I can keep people there without bouncing – engaging with the site long term – that’s a huge win.”

Pozek says he relies on Real Estate Webmasters for roughly 30% of the support his team requires, with the remaining media needs sourced in-house.

“We used to get 100-200 organic visits a month, and we’re now getting 20,000-30,000 a month after just four months … The site is producing hundreds more leads a month, of which we have about 10% conversion (rate) for those coming to us organically, with another 3% on pay-per-click.”

Pozek also says his number of site visitors that become conversions has increased three-fold, helping to generate more leads and ROI (return on investment).

Source: RISMedia (05/10/23) Voket, John

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