Maximize Results Using Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags have outsized importance on Instagram since it’s largely a visual platform. Great hashtag choices will make your content more visible.

NEW YORK – Instagram is a highly visual platform. That makes it important to use hashtags to categorize content and make your content discoverable.

Agents should start by researching the hashtags their competitors use and those on popular real estate accounts. They can use Instagram’s search feature to find relevant hashtags, as well as third-party tools such as Hashtagify or All Hashtag.

Along with using relevant hashtags, though, agents must create new ones. If a posted uses the same hashtags in every post, Instagram may identify such content as spam. As a result, agents should use a blend of popular and niche-specific hashtags in their posts.

Another option: Use location-based hashtags, such as those specific to a city or region. Examples include #MiamiHomesForSale and #TampaRealEstate. Agents can also create their own branded hashtags by adding their brand or tagline and encouraging followers to use those hashtags when sharing content. This helps agents monitor user-generated content, and it creates a sense of community.

To reach new followers and engage current ones, agents can search for meaningful hashtags that facilitate the buildup of relationships with other users in their niche. It’s also important for agents to revisit their hashtag approach and make changes as needed, with an eye toward amplifying those hashtags that generate the most engagement.

Widely used real estate hashtags to use on Instagram include:

  • #realestate
  • #realtor
  • #homesforsale
  • #property
  • #realestateagent
  • #forsale
  • #househunting
  • #dreamhome
  • #luxuryrealestate
  • #newhome
  • #homebuyers
  • #homeownership
  • #homeinspection

Source: Realty Biz News (05/18/2023) Shepardson, Ben

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