Make It Easy for Clients to Write Reviews

Testimonials and reviews strengthen your creditability. Start by making it very, very easy for customers to provide a review, perhaps right after closing.

NEW YORK – It’s important for real estate professionals to receive testimonials and reviews. They strengthen agents’ credibility among potential future clients and also provide insight into what makes their service different from those of rivals.

To get more reviews, encourage customers to participate in a review system that allows them to efficiently share their thoughts. Review platforms should be mobile-friendly and have a direct link to the agent’s website or email campaigns – and customers should be able to quickly provide a review from any type of device.

Keep reviews brief so customers don’t abandon them prior to completion.

Ask clients to take a quick video at closing to celebrate the moment, suggests real estate coach Darryl Davis, but be sensitive if they need some space before they can offer feedback.

When requesting feedback, agents should make it easy for customers to respond by being specific about the information they hope to get. It might also spark customers’ motivation to offer a reward, such as a gift card or discount on future services. Agents should also suggest that clients provide reviews through various channels, including emails, social media and during meetings, coupled with an incentive.

In addition, agents should have a dedicated review link that’s easy to find, such as on the top of their website, on the main menu, and even near their email signature at the end of each email. For help with that, agents can turn to such review management software as Oggvo, Google, and Trustpilot.

Source: Inman (03/31/23) Davis, Darryl

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