Is Your Facebook Page a Ghost Town?

On Facebook, people don’t usually come to you – you have to draw them in. They must choose to keep returning because they find your page interesting.

NEW YORK – Real estate professionals’ use of social media became particularly important during the pandemic lockdowns, and it will continue to expand. Outside of paid ads, however, a social media page has to be interesting enough to draw viewers if it hopes to succeed.

Real estate professionals using Facebook have several tools to enhance their page’s graphics, such as Canva, which is easy to use and has many stock images and templates to choose from. Agents also should consult their company’s own marketing teams to create branded content that is easy to download and share.

Within their strategic content plan, agents should include some spontaneity. Along with new listings, just sold, market updates and advice, agents may share a little about themselves – ideally something that might emphasize similarities they have with prospective clients.

In addition, audiences want an agent that can offer intelligent content, and one that can deliver that content in a way that adds to their user experience.

Ideally, posts should be released similar to an email drip campaign on a regular schedule that hits a sweet spot – they arrive often enough that the agent isn’t forgotten, but not so often that users feel they’re getting too much. An excessive number in a short period may prompt recipients to unsubscribe.

Regarding images or videos, they should be high quality, including when recording a market update or home tour.

After getting likes, shares and comments on a post, agents should continue to respond and engage with followers. Conversations have the potential to result in a signed listing or a closed sale. Rather than making their page a one-way messaging device, agents should strive to use posts that encourage a conversation and keep the exchange flowing.

Source: Inman (08/17/22) Stace, Laura

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