FHA to Homebuyers: You Can Do This

FHA now offers a complete, four-part webinar series for novice buyers that “dispels FHA myths” and gives them clear steps they can take to become a homeowner.

WASHINGTON – The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) launched Dispelling Homebuying Myths: Tips for Buying Your First Home, the final webinar in its four-part series.

The series’ goal is to provide an easy-to-understand overview of the home buying process – including securing – a loan, for novice buyers. It also provides a specific look at FHA loans favored by many first-time buyers.

The webinar series reveals the truth about common myths associated with using an FHA-insured loan to purchase a home and is available on the Single Family Housing Events and Training webpage on HUD.gov.

FHA says it’s not just a resource to prospective homebuyers, noting it “may be useful for loan originators, real estate professionals and others interested in learning more about FHA-insured loans and misconceptions in the homebuying process.”

Additional topics previously released in the series include:

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