Facebook Advertising: What Should Realtors Consider?

Few online advertisers provide access to more people than Facebook, and they offer a range of ad types. The simplest: Post something on your page and pay to “boost” it.

NEW YORK – In January, Facebook ranked as the leading social media platform after surpassing 1 billion signed-in accounts. The online communication platform has more than 2.6 billion active monthly users.

Facebook also owns WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, which similarly have more than 1 billion users.

Compared with other types of online advertising, Facebook can be more cost-effective – and it allows users to measure ad statistics to ensure better targeting.

Video ads allow real estate professionals to highlight their services and hold viewers’ attention if they keep them short, about 15 seconds or less. Even when short, videos should include a call to action, such as visiting a webpage.

According to one study, image-only ads outperformed others in generating unique leads. Agents can post the image-only ads on their page and then “boost” their post.

Poll ads are a mobile-only Facebook ad format. They can be effective for running several items or components at once and in comparison.

Meanwhile, carousel ads allow agents to add a maximum of 10 videos or photos in a collective panoramic format. These ads can be used as tutorials and for highlighting multiple products and services that lead to different websites.

In addition, slideshows are a simple method to create video ads from still photos, write-ups or other short video clips. They typically consume less data and can be enhanced with music from the ads manager.

Source: Realty Biz News (06/01/2021) Shepardson, Ben

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