Essential Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

Agents constantly meet up with strangers, aka “possible clients.” The job comes with a certain amount of risk, and agents should constantly consider their own safety.

NEW YORK – Undertaking the responsibilities of a real estate agent involves risk, and agents must take steps to stay safe.

When meeting new clients, it’s important not to go to a private property; instead, invite them to the office or meet for coffee at a cafe to discuss their real estate objectives.

It’s also smart to prepare for the meeting by looking at new clients’ social media accounts. Get a sense of their personality, and do a quick Google search of their names to look for red flags. If some worrisome information comes to light, consider running a full background check before meeting the client.

If agents are going out to meet clients, they should tell someone where they’ll be. This can also be achieved using free apps like Google calendar; they can incorporate GPS tracking that automatically transmits their location. Florida Realtors® also offers SafeShowings as a free member benefit. It’s also important to have a contingency plan and rehearse it, such as having an excuse to end a showing if something seems suspicious.

Agents shouldn’t use post their personal phone number or home address online or in marketing materials –  it can lead to unprofessional and unwanted contacts.

If agents use several digital devices for their business, they should consider cybersecurity strategies to prevent data hacks.

In addition, never advertise properties as “vacant.” Doing so may invite trespassers.

Source: Inman (08/09/22) Babich, Luke

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