Do ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’ Work for Realtors?

The theory: Mondays are usually stressful, and they can ruin Sunday nights. You should start the week with an easy day and tackle big problems later.

NEW YORK – To curb exhaustion and burnout, some workers are using a strategy called “Bare Minimum Mondays,” which means starting the week slowly. Workers might, for example, ignore major tasks and only perform their job’s fundamental requirements.

A secondary goal is to avoid Sunday-night stress caused by expectations of a high-stress Monday.

So what do workers do on Mondays?

For real estate agents, Bare Minimum Mondays could include:

  • Focusing on creative and quiet marketing tasks
  • Working from home
  • Returning calls and answering emails using brief, concise answers
  • Not scheduling intensive meetings
  • Making personal health appointments with doctors and dentists
  • Planning the rest of their week

If focused on creative marketing tasks, real estate agents can:

  • Write blog posts for their newsletter or website
  • Create a spreadsheet of quick copy they can use later in the week for social media posts
  • Shoot community photos that can be used for future projects
  • Take tutorials to gain skills and learn about new technologies

Supervisors hesitant to pare down their hustle culture may consider doing Bare Minimum Mondays once a month to ease pressure on their team. A break for self-care may help the team get across the finish line in a down market.

Source: Inman (04/01/23) Hite, Rachael

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