Dislike Social Media but Need It? Hire a Social Media Manager

A good social media manager will do time-consuming tasks, such as videos and responding to comments – and do it better since they’re experts.

NEW YORK – Hiring a part- or full-time social media manager may be worthwhile for real estate professionals who find it challenging to manage their social media marketing plan.

To start, agents should first identify the results they want to achieve, such as having more followers or improving the quality of website content. They should then set goals and timelines.

A defined plan will help determine whether an agent needs a dedicated manager versus a freelancer or third-party service.

Social media managers typically help curate and create photos and videos for the agent’s brand on social media platforms, while also managing content calendars and posting schedules. They also engage with agents’ followers, stay current with social media trends and best practices, and use analytics to suggest revisions to the marketing strategy.

When looking for candidates, agents can explore job boards such as Indeed and LinkedIn, social media groups, and freelance marketplaces like Fiverr. Local universities might also provide candidates ­– students who want to work in the marketing field and could use the experience. In addition, colleagues or peers with a strong social media presence could potentially provide references.

Depending on the experience of social media managers and the market, the going rate for a social media manager is usually $20 to $27 per hour.

Source: RISMedia (05/25/21) Grice, Jordan

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