Citizens Ins. Says Vendor Caused Claims Delays

Citizens – the Fla.-owned insurer of last resort – says policyholders don’t need to worry about passing deadlines if the vendor overseeing claims causes communication delays.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Citizens Property Insurance Corporation – the Florida-owner “insurer of last resort” – began notifying policyholders and agents of possible delays in claims-related communication due to processing delays caused by its contracted vendor, Exela Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

Citizens claims staff has been alerted to the problem and “stands ready to assist policyholders.”

“Policyholders will not be adversely impacted by the mailing failures of the vendor, and deadlines that may have passed will be revisited and extended by Citizens where appropriate,” the company says in a media release.

Citizens says it will “address the backlog caused by the vendor’s failures” by increasing vendor output and hiring another third-party vendor temporarily to help process the backlog. It says the entire backlog of claims has already been forwarded, and it expects to have everything caught up by the middle of this month.

Policyholders who believe they’ve been impacted by delays should contact their agent, call Citizens at (866) 411-2742 to reach their assigned adjuster or submit a request via Contact Us on Citizens’ website. Policyholders can also submit additional claims documentation through the Citizens website.

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