Build a Productive Network Without Spending Money

A good first step: Introduce yourself to local business owners, make connections and obtain their contact information or business card. Follow-up with an email, too.

ORLANDO, Fla. – One way that Realtors can nourish their business is by developing and maintaining a network of business. Agents should first introduce themselves to local business owners, make individual connections, and obtain their contact information or business card.

Once home, agents should send the business owners an email saying how pleasant it was to meet them, and if they have time for coffee, they would love to hear more about them and their business.

If they do, agents should continue the conversation about them, get to know them, write a handwritten thank-you card for taking the time to chat, and mention that they look forward to talking with them again soon.

Agents should include their business card in the thank-you card and try to connect with them on each of their social media platforms. If they connect, agents can use the social media connections to like and share their posts and business-related content to other small business connections.

The key step for agents is to send these business connection referrals from their other business connections, and to forward information they feel will be of use to the person or their business. Doing so may help the business owners remember the agent and eventually send referrals and let others know about the real estate business. 

Source: Inman (09/09/22) Roth, Jeff

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