Brokerages: Getting Attention for the Wrong Reasons?

Agents need to tell customers about the benefits their brokerage brings to the table, but even some brokers don’t recognize their own strengths.

NEW YORK – Brokerages need a dedicated and thoughtful strategy to attract prospective clients. However, even executives sometimes fail to identify what the company brings to the table – strengths agents could use for their value proposition.

Agents also must stay true to personal values when discussing the company ethos to ensure they don’t misrepresent themselves, but the overall intent is to build and maintain trust with the audience.

In the relationship between company and consumers, the latter demands trust and relies on agents to conduct business ethically. Agents, in turn, must be careful not to damage that trust by compromising their own values.

As a result, a company’s messaging should align with its corporate values. If it’s been using the same long-term strategy to boost attention but achieved little success, it’s time for a change, which brings fresh ideas and viewpoints to the table.

The bottom line: It’s important not to be rigid about strategy.

Source: Inman (07/13/22) Stace, Laura

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