Broker Uses ChatGPT to Find Buyers’ Dream Homes

An example of AI technology is already on the market: Buyers tell the tech what their ideal home should have, and it generates a roster of those currently for sale.

SEATTLE – Redfin added a ChatGPT plugin that helps people find homes. It only works for registered ChatGPT users currently – there’s a waiting list for people who wish to get on the list – and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help buyers find homes. That means the current list of people who can use the tool is relatively small, but that base will grow over time.

How it works

Once buyers install the plugin, they describe their idea home. It could be something like, “I’m moving to Tampa for a new job with a $150,000 salary. Show me three-bedroom homes for sale with private outdoor entertaining space in neighborhoods with trendy restaurants.”

The AI then creates a list of Tampa-area homes that apply via Redfin’s app. From there they can book tours or connect with an agent.

“I think the most powerful way the Redfin ChatGPT plugin can make buying a home easier today is by suggesting homes and neighborhoods that would not have been uncovered via a map-based real estate search,” says Ariel Dos Santos, Redfin’s vice president of product.

“This could also help home sellers get their listings in front of a wider audience of serious buyers,” Dos Santos adds.

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