Bricks-to-Clicks Shift Is Reshaping Real Estate

Some veteran Realtors can live off referrals, but the industry’s digital transformation – AI chatbots, virtual tours, data analytics – favors agents with tech expertise.

NEW YORK – There is a shakeout underway in the post-pandemic real estate market, warns Atman Real Estate CEO Victoria Kennedy, with digital transformation at the core.

It seems realty companies that welcome new tech things – virtual reality property tours, enhanced data analytics for market insights, artificial intelligence-driven chatbots for customer service and other innovations – may be better positioned to emerge as winners once the dust settles.

The reason, according to Kennedy, is that businesses working with these newer tech tools to meet the needs of the growing online customer community will have the tools they need to take customer experience to the next level, optimize operations and increase profit. Real estate firms that lag on technology adoption are likely to miss these growth opportunities and may eventually even lose relevance along with their competitive edge.

To avoid this, Kennedy recommends that real estate agents and brokers embrace tech literacy, host a robust professional website for their business, and establish a broad overall footprint online.

Source: Inman (08/03/23) Kennedy, Victoria

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