Are Scripts Dead? Consumers Prefer Good Listeners

During listing conversations, providing good answers may be more important than leading the conversation. Be present, engaged and eager to understand what sellers want.

SAN FRANCISCO – The listing conversation between agents and clients is important. When agents meet a seller to have a conversation, it’s essential that agents be truly present, engaged, and eager to find out what the sellers really want.

Agents need to convince clients that they’re a necessary part for sellers to reach their goals, and it’s not necessary to memorize scripts to do that.

The placement of a home in the MLS is just a tool, and clients need someone who knows how to use that tool and everything else in the tool chest..

To get the best price for a home in today’s market and a higher return on investment, and to protect the family’s interest, especially in multiple offer situations, agents need tools that go beyond just an MLS listing.

Metaphors and analogies help make sense of even complicated situations because they break them down into easy-to-relate-to terms. Agents should develop an analogy that addresses potential objections too, and, almost like a script, they can become a natural part of conversations.

If an attorney wants to FSBO their home, for example, an agent can say, “Mr. Attorney, there’s a reason why savvy attorneys don’t represent themselves in court, right? They’re too close to the problem; it’s hard to be objective. The same is true of selling your home.”

Source: Inman (08/16/21) Davis, Darryl

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