A Facebook Group That Generates Leads?

A “best places” group can focus on anything local – places for picnics, tastiest ice cream, etc. And when a listing comes up nearby, let participants know.

NEW YORK – About1.968 billion people use Facebook daily, and 67% of the social media’s active users logged in each day as of July 2022, according to data firm DataReportal.

To get the most of marketing on Facebook, agents can develop a local or community Facebook page and give it an appealing group name.

When posting content, assume that your ideal member is smart, focused and interested in substance. This means that a “Best Places” group, for example, should feature relevant categories or units. Agents should refer to Facebook’s best practices for setting up units to effectively arrange content.

Realtor® Emily Anderson highlights categories by using interesting photos with text overlay, which can be accomplished in Canva. Other types of groups can include Best Picnic Spots, Best Restaurants, Best Ice Cream Parlors, Best Schools, Best Community Watch Programs, Best HOAs and so on.

If a new listing or open house occurs within those areas, agents can feature that home and tag it with the coordinating HOA or Community Watch category.

Also important: Agents should keep “best of” categories inclusive. To boost engagement, ask questions that members will care about, such as, “Do you find your commute to and from work takes substantially longer than usual due to the recent increase in traffic at the intersection of 5th and Main Street?”

Meanwhile, some real estate teams are creating Facebook Groups that provide training, sell coaching, or that act as a recruiting strategy.

“Posts that gain the most engagement are posts where we share tips and strategies that are working (for us), especially if we’re giving away templates or physical examples people can use,” says Gabriela Gil, database manager at The Novello Group.

Source: Inman (11/02/22) Soleil, Stacey

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